Cycle 21, Day 81

So I’m back and writing another blog, which means that I finally have news again! Yaaaaaaayyyyy me! And like all news involving cancer, it’s good news and bad news! It actually is a little complicated so I’ll try harder explaining it this time than I did with my last blog. I’m also not chemo drunk […]


Cycle 18, Day 74 (of actually days in chemo)

Gentlemen. Laaadiezz. How are we? Just sitting here, about 4 hours into my first chemo of the week, already peed 7 times, feeling a lil buzzed off the chemo which yes is a thing, only 2 hours left. Thanks for asking though. So I was going to post a #cancerversary blog on June 18 to […]

Chemo Cycle 13: Day 1

So seems as though I haven’t posted a blog in like 4 months, mostly because nothing was happening for so long and then I just sorta forgot about this. Regardless, I’m back in the literary saddle with some updates. So I have started radiation, and it’s a blast (pun absolutely intended. The technicians ate that […]

Chemo Cycle 8: Day 2, Day 128 Overall

Hey everybody!! (Hi doctor Mitch!!). That’s a Simpsons reference, and also a very strong indicator that I’m quickly running out of original openings. So it’s been awhile, mostly because there’s nothing to talk about most of the time. Everything has been more or less the exact same since like cycle 3, so not much to […]

Cycle 6: Chemo day 1, day 99 overall

Aloha my kahunas. We’re almost to day 100 of me having cancer!! Hooray!!! Can’t wait to celebrate tomorrow by drinking 100 beers!! I kid, that would be expensive. But for real, I remember being round 1 and thinking “holy shit someday I’m gonna be at like round 6, I can’t even imagine what that’ll be […]

Day 91 (Cycle 5)

Today is Sunday, traditionally the worst day of the cycle. I’m currently right in the middle of one of my favorite activities, laying in bed even though I’m STARVING because the kitchen is too far away. Plus we’re out of ham, which is just real crippling. Anyways, the big news from this cycle is that […]

Cycle 4: Chemo day 2: Overall day 72ish

Ciao amici. The only italian I remember from high school right there. Incredible I took that language for 2 full years and retained literally 2 words. Almost proud of that. Anyways, been a little while since my last post mainly because chemo is no longer the day-to-day battle it was in the beginning. I mean […]

Chemo Round 2, Day 3, Day 26 Overall

So I figured I should post a blog cause it’s a chemo week but the problem is on chemo weeks I don’t do anything noteworthy, just sorta sit in a chair all day and do crosswords. So figured it’d be more fun for all of us if I did a day in the life of […]

Chemo Day 1

Sup ya’ll. Before I get started I just want to thank everyone who has found the time to come and visit me or has reached out to me and made sure I’m never alone for long. Most of all, I want to thank my parents for being here everyday. I seriously don’t understand how you fit it […]

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