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Mitch Lortz - cancer extraordinaire

I was diagnosed with terminal Stage IV Synovial Sarcoma at the age of 20. Now I’m 24, live in Boston, and am trying to use humor and a positive attitude to promote wellness and hope for all my fellow cancer-havers. I like to think that all my experience mixed with some wisdom and a bit of sarcasm can help others going through what I’m going through, and together we might just survive a little longer.

Cancer and Drugs

Here’s a new topic for us: drugs! Now, having cancer and taking drugs go hand-in-hand. Like peanut butter and jelly or salt and pepper or sadists and masochists. They just seem to really get along. But taking lots of drugs can be a bad thing!! Let me explain: For the most part, cancer drugs are […]

Yet Another 5 Benefits of Cancer

Well since I’m back in the blogging world with my last post, might as well stick around and throw some more stuff out there. And I figured, what better place to start than a trusty ‘ol benefits list. You’d think after writing 3 of these blogs already I’d be running out of benefits and the […]

Terminally Ill and Still Here…

I wanna start this by saying the picture isn’t a dig at my oncologist, I just couldn’t find any good images of patients shrugging. Anyways, I’ve been a busy little beaver these past few weeks as it’s the summer, I only work part-time now, and I’m trying to live life to the fullest at the […]

The Hardest Part of Living

I guess there’s no reason to pussy-foot around it. My last chemo regimen didn’t work and now they’re seeing a number of aggressive new legions in my lungs and chest. For the first time in 3 years, I’m officially worse off than I was when I started. Only this time I’m not an extremely healthy […]

Wedding Week

Let’s provide a little back story here for our newcomers/people who don’t personally know me. I’m getting married this Friday to a lovely young dame by the name of Squid. What are my thoughts on it? Well, I’m excited to stop preparing and start enjoying, I’m excited to make a commit I’ve never made before, […]

New Cancer Diagnosis Do’s and Don’ts

So you just got diagnosed with cancer huh? I’m not going to lie to you, that’s a fuckin bummer. But have no fear! Cancer isn’t the worst thing in the world and you’re probably not gonna die in the next ten minutes from it, so let’s discuss what you should do next. Step 1: Take […]

Cancer and Cartoons

So since we covered such a dark cancer topic last week, I figured we could discuss something a little lighter today: cartoons! Now, if you’re one of my friends or family then you may already known this but if you’re a new internet friend I’ve never met then there’s something you should know about me: […]

The Elephant in the Room

So there’s something we haven’t really explicitly talked about on here before and it’s kinda important. It’s the whole reason cancer is even a big deal, actually. So let’s do it, let’s talk about death, the implications that come along with it, and how to best cope with it. That’ll be fun, right? We’re all […]

5 More Benefits of Having Cancer

Been awhile since I wrote one of these blogs. I said before that I was gonna tweet something positive about cancer every week for #ThankfulThursday, but then I remembered that twitter is the most depressing place ever and I stopped doing it. I guess when you only follow people with cancer you’re bound to see […]

Everyone’s Dying to Help but You’re Just Dying

That’s a pretty clever title right there. I mean, probably won’t rank very high on Google, but it’s clever! Anyways, let’s talk about helpers. When you get diagnosed with cancer, if you’re open about it, people are gonna wanna help. You’re going to have people you haven’t heard from in years reaching out to you […]

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