Chemo Cycle 13: Day 1

So seems as though I haven’t posted a blog in like 4 months, mostly because nothing was happening for so long and then I just sorta forgot about this. Regardless, I’m back in the literary saddle with some updates. So I have started radiation, and it’s a blast (pun absolutely intended. The technicians ate that one up). But actually, it’s pretty incredible. The whole process takes like 10 minutes and there really doesn’t seem to be any side effects yet. The only drawbacks are that it’s 5 days a week in Boston so I have to deal with that commute on top of the commute to work, and also since it’s my leg being radiated I need to be wearing just a robe and my technician is a dude sometimes so that’s usually pretty uncomfortable for both of us. Gotta make sure Wingus and the Ping Pong boys are out of the blast zone if you catch my drift. Anyways, this is week 4 of radiation on just the tumor in my thigh. They can only radiate one tumor at a time and while that’s happening they can’t get scans for that part of the body or for awhile after, so I’m getting a chest CT soon but that will probably be my last scan for awhile. I am still rocking chemo, quite literally as we speak, but now that I’m doing radiation as well I’ve cut my chemo cycle back to just 3 days rather than 5. Realistically the only reason I’m only doing 3 days is because I want to see if my blood counts will get high enough that I can start working out again, and I wouldn’t hate it if I grew back my eyebrows as well. You know, just the typical things every 21 year old can do but me. So this is now my second cycle doing just 3 days, and to be honest I didn’t notice much of a difference the first time, but I expect this will take a little time to fully kick in, plus last cycle was the week after St Patty’s day, so I’ll let you guys put 2 and 2 together on why I still wasn’t feeling great. So to answer questions people may have, the radiation on my leg is 5 days a week for 5 weeks, then we’ll do my arm which should take a similar amount of time. We’ll just go tumor to tumor that way until we deal with the heart which is a whole different process. I have literally 0 idea how many tumors I have now or how many I started with, but I’m guessing radiating everything will be a 6 month to a year long process depending on a couple different factors. I also have been doing a lot better with my anxiety (this wasn’t even a thing during the time of my last blog). There was about a month there where things got pretty dark and I was having some real intense psychological side effects. I was having anxiety attacks from fake stroke symptoms (didn’t have a stroke, just feels like I am sometimes), short-term memory loss, and the worst was the messed up dreams. You ever have a dream where you like go to the bathroom then you wake up, fully convinced you did only to realize that you gotta pee real bad still? I was having 6 or 7 of those dreams a night for a few weeks about just everyday life and it got to the point where I couldn’t even tell what was real and what wasn’t anymore. I kept talking to people about stuff that happened recently and they would look at me funny and say “Mitch, that never happened.” It got to the point where I couldn’t trust anything that was happening in real life was actually true. I needed one of those things from Inception to know if I was dreaming or not. Absolutely maddening. Thankfully all of that (minus the fake stroke symptoms but I’ve learned to manage that) has stopped so I’m back to my normal self again. Definitely played a large role in my decision to cut back to 3 days a week though. On a lighter note, I have been doing some fairly unusual stuff on my weeks off in between. Last week I was a model in a photo shoot for a pharmaceutical company, which took longer than I expected and involved a lot of sitting in a chair and blue steeling it up but it was still pretty cool. Also as many of you know I was on tv for the last Bruins game this season giving out an award to some players with my doctor, dad, and brother. So that was neat. Met Rene Rancourt and he was as absurd as legend says. That’s really all I’ve got.

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