Terminally Ill and Still Here…

I wanna start this by saying the picture isn’t a dig at my oncologist, I just couldn’t find any good images of patients shrugging. Anyways, I’ve been a busy little beaver these past few weeks as it’s the summer, I only work part-time now, and I’m trying to live life to the fullest at the […]

The Hardest Part of Living

I guess there’s no reason to pussy-foot around it. My last chemo regimen didn’t work and now they’re seeing a number of aggressive new legions in my lungs and chest. For the first time in 3 years, I’m officially worse off than I was when I started. Only this time I’m not an extremely healthy […]

Wedding Week

Let’s provide a little back story here for our newcomers/people who don’t personally know me. I’m getting married this Friday to a lovely young dame by the name of Squid. What are my thoughts on it? Well, I’m excited to stop preparing and start enjoying, I’m excited to make a commit I’ve never made before, […]

I Don’t Even Know What to Call This One

A lot has transpired in the past week so let’s skip the usual wise remarks and just dive into it. Last Thursday I tried to take my lady friend out for a nice date but after walking for like 10 minutes found myself puking into a trashcan. Then that Saturday I went out to the […]

Chemo #2, Cycle 8, Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire Baby!

Had an interesting chat with my oncologist yesterday. I went in, expecting a pretty routine appointment (shake hands, make a few off-handed jokes, then head up to infusion). However, he came in without the usual smile on his face so I was a bit worried. Here’s what he had to say: Turns out the immunotherapy […]

Chemo #2, Cycle 7

Ladies and gentlemen, how the hell are we? I’m doing fantastic, thanks for asking. “But Mitch, you have terminal cancer, shouldn’t you be sad all the time?” What a loser perspective that is! You know why I’m feeling fantastic right now? Cause I’m out there livin life baby! I’m cruising down the left lane while […]

Chemo #2, Cycle 6

First of all, happy Christmas, merry Hanukkah, and a joyous Kwanzaa to you all. I could say merry Christmas ya filthy animals but much to the chagrin of my lady friend, I’m not much of a Chevy Chase guy and I’m pretty sure that line is from Christmas Vacation. Just a terrible movie. Since we’re […]

Chemo Cycle 31 – AKA the Booty Biographies

Buckle up your seat belts people cause we’re talking butt stuff today, and lots of it. But before we dive into what has been the least dignifying cycle of my young life, let’s talk scans. I got some done last Monday (at the ghetto location again but no fun stories to report back this time) […]

Chemo #2, Cycle 1

Well, we’re back and kicking it old school now people, cause it’s chemo time again. As has become old hat for me, my scans from a few weeks ago came back and shockingly enough they brought both good news and bad news. Now, I’m not sure how much I trust these scans cause I got […]

Post-Op Week 3

[Note: I wrote this about a month ago and saved it as a draft by accident instead of posting it. It does a decent job of explaining my current trial so I’m gonna post it anyways but I tossed a few edits in there and added some at the end] Alright let’s just dive into […]

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