I Don’t Even Know What to Call This One

A lot has transpired in the past week so let’s skip the usual wise remarks and just dive into it. Last Thursday I tried to take my lady friend out for a nice date but after walking for like 10 minutes found myself puking into a trashcan. Then that Saturday I went out to the bar to support my lady’s aspiring singing career and upon arriving home went ahead and threw up again. On Sunday I was in some back pain cause I had tried to work out earlier in the week and apparently tried too hard so I took an oxy on an empty stomach and once again threw up.

After my weekend that was vaguely reminiscent of a high school house party where I had quite the knack for throwing up in the bushes, I decided to head to the hospital and see what’s up. Spent a few hours outpatient, a few hours in the ER, and eventually wound up on the bone marrow transplant floor for the night. There was a while where they couldn’t figure out what was wrong, but eventually after a few CT scans and chest xrays found the answer. So it turns out the remission I was supposed to go into after Adriamycin lasted about -3 days and my tumors have already shown significant growth. Dope. So the issue I had run into is the IVC (if you don’t know what that is then look it up, I’m not a goddamn encyclopedia) was like 97% blocked and all the trapped fluid was leaking into my liver-area and causing a large amount of fluid buildup in my stomach. So the first step was to drain the fluid and relive some of that pressure. After some waiting we got a big ol needle stabbed into that bitch and drained about 1.5 liters of fluid. Felt better but it wasn’t a permanent solution.

The problem was, as long as the tumor in my heart was squishing my IVC into nothing, it would just keep oozing fluid and I would need to keep getting drained. So we had the choice of placing a stent to open up the vein, or crack me open again and try to scoop that whole fuckin tumor out of my heart. There were two clear pros and cons: do the stent and open the vein with a minimally invasive procedure but leave the tumor or remove the tumor entirely but run the very high risk of killing me.

I’m personally a big fan of being alive, so I preferred the stent route, and it turns out my doctors agreed. We came up with a solution to place the stent to open the vein, and then use radiation to try to keep the tumor from growing any larger. Oh, and at some point during the week they also found a bunch of small tumors in my brain so those got added to the radiation list as well. Sort of a fun little side-plot.

So that’s what we did. I got the stent installed on like Thursday or something and then radiation started the next day. After a few more days of recovering, I was finally discharged yesterday and sent back out into the wild with the stipulation that I would come back every day for 2 weeks to get radiation for my heart and brain. Where that leaves us now is I’m gonna go through 2-4 weeks of radiation followed by restarting chemo and roll the dice from there. We’ll be restarting the Ifosfamide treatment I originally did since I’ve tried literally everything else so that will be nostalgic I guess. No idea what that schedule will look like though.

At the end of the day, this has just been a fun little detour. Very disappointing that my Adriamycin held off my cancer for literally 0 days but honestly not that surprising since I have a history of short remission periods. Kinda fun that I have a stent now, I guess just mark up another surgery on the chart and move on. Glad we have a plan moving forward, don’t love that it’s a plan we’ve used before but hey, if it ain’t broke right? Worked once, might work twice. Either way, I’m staying optimistic and hoping for the best. Not much else to do at this point. Except try not to go back to the hospital inpatient again for awhile. The beds are so goddamn uncomfortable it’s easily the worst part. Unlimited free applesauce is nice though.

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  1. Dear Mitch, I am a friend of your mom’s who has been following your journey online for some time now. It is ok to consider me a stalker – I am not offended. This particular post has moved me to tell you that I am amazed at your ability to find the laughter and joy in every moment of your life and to manage to make me laugh and cry at the same time is no mean feat. You are a very funny, brave, articulate and wise young man. I thank you for sharing your unique perspective on hospital beds and applesauce. Darcy S.

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