Chemo #2, Cycle 7

Ladies and gentlemen, how the hell are we? I’m doing fantastic, thanks for asking. “But Mitch, you have terminal cancer, shouldn’t you be sad all the time?” What a loser perspective that is! You know why I’m feeling fantastic right now? Cause I’m out there livin life baby! I’m cruising down the left lane while everyone else is stuck in traffic. I’m eating watermelon while the rest of the world has a plate of honeydews. I’m chugging down a fat glass of excitement!

Ok, now that we’re all settled down, let’s talk cancer. So I’m coming into this blog with a few scattered updates, so rather than do my typical nonsensical rambling that we’re all so accustomed to, I’m actually gonna try to be coherent today. What does that mean? List time!

  1. I got engaged! That’s right, I did indeed put a ring on my silly sweetheart’s tentacle. It took a lot of planning but seems to have gone off without a hitch which is just downright heartwarming. It’s very exciting not only because it means I get to marry my lovely squid, but also because it’s a major step in my life that I never really thought I would get to achieve after I got diagnosed. I mean, I got engaged. Me! No eyebrows and everything!
  2. Since this is a cancer blog, I guess I might as well discuss cancer on here while I’m at it. I can take a quick break from shameless self promotion right? So I talked with the cancer squad, and turns out you can’t do adriamycin for more than 8 cycles. Well, you could, but your heart might explode or something equally not ideal. So to avoid any coronary eruptions, next cycle will be my last of adriamycin. It will not, however, be my last of its dear friend olara. So if you recall, I’ve been going through 3-week cycles: one week with adria and olara, one week with just olara, and one week off. Since I now have to stop adria, I will be continuing on with the same schedule, only I will only receive olara. So 2 weeks olara, one week off. The good news: olara is an immunotherapy so it won’t affect my energy levels, bowels, hair, etc. so I will be living like I’m in remission. The bad news: it’s not clear the olara actually does anything to fight the cancer, so if the adria has been solely responsible for my good scans recently, then switching to an olara-only diet will mean my cancer will begin growing again. So it’s another hail mary pass of sorts, hoping for a final solution. If it turns out the olara does not work on its own, then I have no idea what the plan would be going forward, but I imagine it likely won’t be all rainbows and sunshine. So let’s cross our fingers and root for olara eh? I have been told that my doctors do currently have patients whom are receiving only olara and are seeing positive results from it, so it’s not impossible.

Anyways, that’s all I’ve got for y’all today. I have to go take the pupperoni to the park and get myself a nice Subway salad. Wedding diet starts soon and I’m gonna be like Jared up in this bitch! You know, minus the child porn.

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