Cycle 4: Chemo day 2: Overall day 72ish

Ciao amici. The only italian I remember from high school right there. Incredible I took that language for 2 full years and retained literally 2 words. Almost proud of that. Anyways, been a little while since my last post mainly because chemo is no longer the day-to-day battle it was in the beginning. I mean cycles 1 and 2 were “collect all your strength just to get out of bed and go for a ten foot walk” type days. Now I know my cycle so well, which days will be good and which will suck, it’s really turned into more of a long-term thing. I almost preferred the day-to-day struggle. Reminded me of when I could seriously work out, always pushing yourself as hard as you can to get just a tiny bit better each day. Now it’s like trying to run a marathon where you have no idea where the finish line is, and I hate running. It’s the absolute worst. Have you tried running? Like there’s easier ways to destroy your knees and lose like 10 calories. Not the point though. Point is I finally got my second set of scans on Friday, and Monday I met with my oncologist and he said that I’m showing pretty good improvement. No more tumors in my brain, not that there’s a ton going on up there anyways, tumors in my hip and ass went from 2cm to 1.2cm (classic me, right? Ass tumors? Really? I mean it’s kinda funny but you can do better, cancer). Not much change in my leg or arm, but that’s alright. I mean I can’t lose my arm tumor yet, I haven’t even named it or drawn a smiley face on it yet. Plus I wouldn’t be able to show it off to the laaddddiieeezzzz. Girls love tumors. And gigantic chest scars. Especially when you say you got the scar from your stunt-double days in a scene reenacting a medieval sword fight but they used the wrong sword and you got stabbed for real. That’s about all I got for today. Probably not gonna be updating the blog too much in the coming days as I’ve started back at work so tuesday-thursday of non-chemo weeks I’m working 10-6. I’m really not well enough to be working and it’s gonna be super awkward seeing everyone again and having them all see me and my bald-ass head and give me those stupid sympathy puppy dog eyes people give you when you look like a cancer patient, but I also need money to like buy food and stuff so I don’t have much of a choice. I guess I could start a GoFundMe but I would rather deal with work than ask for a handout from my friends/family. Anyways, it doesn’t leave a lot of time for mindless internet rambling or inappropriate cancer jokes. I would say goodbye in italian but I seriously don’t remember how. I think might just be ciao for both? Whatever, here’s bye in chinese 再见。我说中文说的不好。

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