I Don’t Even Know What to Call This One

A lot has transpired in the past week so let’s skip the usual wise remarks and just dive into it. Last Thursday I tried to take my lady friend out for a nice date but after walking for like 10 minutes found myself puking into a trashcan. Then that Saturday I went out to the […]


Meet a Young Adult With Stage IV Sarcoma

Hi there! My name is Mitch. I was diagnosed with terminal stage IV sarcoma when I was 20. Now I’m 24 and living off treatment, hopefully for a while! I’m even starting to grow my eyebrows back! Pretty stoked to have a mustache for summertime too. Now, if you’re a frequent flier to my blog, […]

Why I’m Going To Start Reading Personal Cancer Blogs

I’m a bigtime hypocrite. I was looking at my website stats recently (I work in marketing so that’s just how I gauge success naturally) and I’ve been noticing a decrease in traffic. Now, there’s a few explanations for why that may be: My blogs aren’t very captivating. I mean my last blog was like 30 […]

A Real Short Blog

I’m gonna write this blog as short as I can cause you know what? Even though this is a cancer blog where I talk about cancer things, I also have other shit in my life besides cancer that I need to focus on. It’s important to realize cancer is a huge factor in our lives, […]

The Cancer Minority

This will be fun. Let’s listen to the middle-class white guy talk about how he’s part of a minority. That certainly shouldn’t rustle any feathers, eh? Well let’s just dive into it. So for all the haters out there saying I have no right to talk about being a minority, let’s get some facts out […]

The Complete Guide To Donating To Cancer Foundations

People ask me a lot if I donate to any cancer foundations. The answer is no, I don’t. 1) I don’t have any money to donate and 2) I think I’m doing my part to further cancer research by being their goddamn guinea pig for all the clinical trials I do plus I do this […]

Dealing With S*** Doctors

Maybe it’s just cause I’m in a shitty mood, but let’s talk about something universal: Trash Doctors. We’ve all met them. Especially those of us with advanced illnesses who require lots of doctors. They come in all forms: some have terrible bedside manner, some […]

The Issue With Being A Cancer Survivor

I’ve been battling cancer for what, 3 and a half years now? Something like that? I’ve been in remission before for I think like 8 months as well. But I had a recurrence (am I using that word correctly?) and went back into treatment for another year and now I just finished my chemo regimen. […]

I Got A Dog During Chemo, Here’s Why

I woke up this morning on this lovely snow-covered holiday weekend. Always a good start. I kissed my lady friend goodbye as she left early to go visit her friend in Connecticut and started about my morning. I started by going back to bed. I have the day off, sue me. Once I awoke once […]

The Hospital Desert

So I went to Austin, TX this past weekend and it brought about one of my new fears I have acquired since having cancer. First of all, Austin is a lovely town, if you haven’t been there then I highly recommend it. Great spot to get wasted. But more importantly, it’s a long ways away […]

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