cancer and cartoons

Cancer and Cartoons

So since we covered such a dark cancer topic last week, I figured we could discuss something a little lighter today: cartoons! Now, if you’re one of my friends or family then you may already known this but if you’re a new internet friend I’ve never met then there’s something you should know about me: I fuckin love cartoons. I live for that shit man. You can take your Game of Thrones garbage, I’ll take my Bob’ Burgers and Futurama over that any day of the week.

Now, that’s a pretty hot take. Not many people out there share that opinion with me, and I catch a lot of heat for it. And as well I should. I’m 24 years old, I should be watching whatever garbage is hot on Netflix, not reruns of Spongebob. But I will continue watching cartoons until the day I die for one very simple reason: they’re stupid as shit. I literally just watched a South Park episode about Barbara Streisand turning into a giant evil robot, you gonna tell me that’s not a ridiculous story line? But I still spend my free time watching these shows and getting mocked by my peers because that’s what gives me comfort.

Everyone going through shit needs an escape. I don’t care if you have cancer or you have a bully at school or if it burns when you pee, everyone going through stuff needs a way to take their mind off of it. For me, that way is cartoons. The thing for me is that they are so careless. It doesn’t matter what happens every episode because the next episode starts and everything is back to how it was before. Every cartoon has a sense of normalcy. It doesn’t matter if Bikini Bottom is destroyed by an Alaskan Bull Worm one episode because in the next one the town is fine again. And that gives me comfort, knowing that no matter what happens, these fictional universes will always be there. Makes me think that maybe this cancer journey is just a really shitty episode of my show but come next week everything will be normal again.

It’s a stupid thought, but when you’re in a position like mine, even stupid thoughts can carry some weight. Even wishing my life was more like a cartoon gives me a little hope. And, in a much bigger way, cartoons help keep your mind from going to dark places because cartoons stay away from dark places. I don’t want to watch dramas about things going wrong in other people’s lives because there’s already enough shit going wrong in my own life. The average man lives a fairly tame life and dramatic shows add that heightened sense of concern they don’t normally get to feel. Well I get the honor of living that heightened sense of concern in real life so I don’t need to watch a show to experience it. I’d much rather watch Bob Belcher flip burgers and hang with his zany pals than watch some broad try to solve the mystery of her brother’s murder by invading the mafia underworld.

I think I’m getting lost in the weeds here. My point is that cartoons are a distraction from cancer for me. They provide me with an avenue with which to take my mind off the dark realities of this world by focusing on the wacky antics of another. I love that cartoons can make me laugh, even when I’m nauseous and I can feel the tumors in my lungs. I love the stupid shit that happens in them cause I’m sick and tired of the serious shit that happens to me. If I didn’t have cartoons, I would have no handle on my anxiety and I would be a depressing emotional wreck all the time. So I wanna take a minute to thank Bob and Linda, Fry and the Planet Express Crew, all the spies formerly working at ISIS before they had to change the name because of the terrorist group, Spongebob and his barnacle buddies, and even the Simpson family even though they haven’t been funny since the 90’s. Together, they help to keep me sane and put a smile on my face, even when everything going on around me in the real world scares me literally to death.

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  1. When my boyfriend was stuck in the hospital for months, we would solely watch South Park. We watched all the seasons. It’s a good way to relax and forget about cancer stuff. And the nurses would get a laugh too! I really enjoyed reading this.

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