Post-Op Week 3

[Note: I wrote this about a month ago and saved it as a draft by accident instead of posting it. It does a decent job of explaining my current trial so I’m gonna post it anyways but I tossed a few edits in there and added some at the end]

Alright let’s just dive into this cause we have a lot to cover and I’m sober and bored. I’ve been home from the hospital for like 9 days or something like that and I feel pretty good. I’m eating, walking, sneezing, driving, pooping regularly and into toilets, etc. so all that is good. I’m not at 100% yet, still can’t really gas beers too well but I’m practicing and getting better everyday. I’m looking to return to work as early as Monday so I can start making much needed money again because my disability insurance just never got approved since my surgeon isn’t giving them a doctor’s note any time this century it seems. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful he more or less saved my life which is cute and all, but I also have to pay rent, so… Just doesn’t seem that hard, hell I’ll even write it. Regardless, that’s a rant for another time, so I digress. I met with my home boy Dr Chizznizzle yesterday and we got down to some cancer brass tacks, if you will. We discussed the results of the scans I got Tuesday and he seemed to think that I’m in pretty good shape, growth-wise, which is a full 180-degree turn from my radiation oncologist and cardiologist (sort of), both of whom seemed to think I’m going to take a dirt nap any minute now. Luckily for me, my cardiologist is an ass and my radiation oncologist seems to have excommunicated me for reasons beyond my comprehension but again, this is a rant for another time. Moral of the story is that it helps to have someone with even a hint of optimism on your medical team when you’re trying to fight cancer. Who knew. This brings us to the plan moving forward. I’m now being considered [have since been approved] for a new clinical trial that has a pretty neat concept. It actually sounds like it’s going to be a bit of a nightmare for me as it will involve lots of stabbing my tumors with large needles but the theory behind it is kinda cool. Essentially, they want to inject RNA into the tumor in my arm that will produce a specific protein that my immune system can target and thus attack my cancer cells. The only issue is that they only inject one tumor with the RNA so the hope is that it will spread to the other tumors so my immune system will attack them as well but it seems like thus far into the trial that hasn’t happened for anyone yet, except for some melanoma patients they injected with herpes which seems like a mean thing to do but what do I know. Anywho, it seems like I may not get approved for the trial anyways because of my blood thinner so this may all be moot. We’ll find out today or next week. But have no fear because Dr. Choy already has another backup plan because he’s the best. So to sum it all up, no more radiation for me in the near future it seems, back to the clinical trial grind.

Ok, so to give an update to this, I’ve been on this clinical trial since June so I’ve had 2 injections so far and I have my 3rd on Wednesday. I had to skip my previous injection because it was making me so fatigued that I could barely get out of bed in the morning, let alone make it into work. Since getting two weeks off I’ve been recovering tremendously. Still a bit tired but I have much more energy than I did so I’m doing quite well comparatively. We’ll see how I react after my injection this week. Other than that, I have been experiencing some unusual symptoms like shortness-of-breath, chest pains, bounding heartbeat, etc. that have been causing my anxiety to spike but I’ve been properly medicating and I may even begin seeing an oncology psychologist to fully nip those issues in the bud. Lastly, I have scans later this month/early next month so I’ll be back soon to update with whether this whole charade has been helpful or not.

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