Yet Another 5 Benefits of Cancer

Well since I’m back in the blogging world with my last post, might as well stick around and throw some more stuff out there. And I figured, what better place to start than a trusty ‘ol benefits list. You’d think after writing 3 of these blogs already I’d be running out of benefits and the content would be getting stale, but lucky us shit keeps happening to me that makes me think of more! So let’s dive right into it:

  1. It’s humbling. Now, if you’re an ego-maniac like myself at times then this may not always be a benefit. Sometimes you wanna feel like you have it worse then anyone else in the world and you’re a badass for it. But the sad/happy truth is that, just like how there will always be someone smarter than you, there will always be someone worse off than you. Sometimes when I’m wrecked off chemo and I look like a sickly worm and I get bad scans I think, “well this is the bottom of the barrel.” But it’s not, sometimes I see people without jaws or people on gurneys with oxygen masks who are old enough that they may have known Abe Lincoln and they remind me of the chocolate lady from Spongebob and I think, wow, maybe I don’t have it so bad. Plus, ya know, dead people. That’s probably not fun.
  2. Yolo is for real. Sure it’s cute when some little 12 year-old says yolo on a snapchat then eats a bug or some shit, but I’m talking the real yolo. Wow, I felt really stupid using the phrase “the real yolo” but here’s what I mean. I almost quit my job cause yolo. I try to do something everyday cause yolo. I’m trying to live a full life in the now because I may not have a later, and in a sense that’s sorta freeing. It makes you realize what’s important and what’s not, and that’s not something everyone gets to experience soon enough.
  3. Being bald is dope. I may have used this one already but being hairless is the tits. Sure, I was going prematurely bald even before cancer so maybe it doesn’t negatively effect me as much as it does people with good hair, but I’m starting to regrow hair on my head and my chest is a forest and those things are inconvenient. Now my wife has to shave my weird head stubble every week. Hassle. When I get my port de-accessed they rip off a bunch of chest hair every time. Hassle.

I’ll be honest, I could only think of 3 things so I’m gonna cut this blog short. I think we’re all ready for it to be over now anyways. It’s the summer and tomorrow’s Friday, who wants to be sitting around reading about cancer?

One thought on “Yet Another 5 Benefits of Cancer

  1. Hey Mitch, Peg’s friend here. Keep blogging. Summer or not there are plenty of people listening. Best, Corinne

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