Post-Op Day 7

As many of you know, I wound up getting the brain surgery to have my tumor drained last week and I’m alive and typing this right now so it obviously went fairly well. The idea was to have brain surgery to drain the fluid in my brain stem that was putting pressure on my nerves and causing all of my symptoms (numbness, loss of balance, difficulty swallowing, etc.) and then do radiation to get rid of the tumor itself. It was kinda cool, I woke up from surgery and was a new person, I could feel my hand again, my vision was normal, I could swallow fine, it was neat. That was 7 days ago today, and I’m doing fine since then. Still in the hospital, still crushing oxy’s like they’re qualudes and it’s 1989, having a nice diarrhea every few days to keep the pipes flowing. It’s not a bad life, but it is boring as fuck. I mean, I could have been discharged the day after my surgery if I wasn’t doing radiation, but instead I’m still here waiting around, doing radiation for like 12 minutes a day. I haven’t even seen my radiologist since last week so I’m not sure why I’m still here. Regardless, I am so might as well get used to it. I’m currently in the neuro ICU, which is nice but a bit intense for my current condition. Not many people here are actually conscious. My neighbor is some old coot who won’t stop wailing for no reason, so I’ve taken to calling her Moaning Myrtle which is probably pretty insensitive but she lost her rights to not being made fun of by me after yelling about getting her blood pressure taken. Grow up, lady. I’m supposed to be transferred to Lunder 9 soon which is a dope spot and more laid-back which will be nice. I’m supposed to be discharged after I finish brain radiation next week but we’ll see what happens. Radiation scheduling has been kind of a mess so far so who knows. There’s a bunch of other stuff going on with anti-coagulation and stuff like that I won’t bore anyone with, moral of the story is I’m still here, still queer, and still faaaabbbuulloouussss!! Nah I’m not. Also, shout out to everyone who has visited, the gf and mother are basically here around the clock so that’s been nice and helped keep me from completely losing my mind. There’s a lot more medical stuff I could explain but I don’t really feel like it right now. Maybe I’ll talk about it in my next blog when I’m feeling less lazy and high. Whatever, this helped to kill like 45 minutes and that’s the dream these days. Just counting down the days until I can use a real toilet and stop having diarrhea in a bowl like a godddamn lunatic. Seriously, you ever seen diarrhea not in water? Looks like someone is scooping peanut butter out of my ass. It’s no bueno. Whatever, I’m gonna take a nap. Mitch out.

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