Chemo Cycle 8: Day 2, Day 128 Overall

Hey everybody!! (Hi doctor Mitch!!). That’s a Simpsons reference, and also a very strong indicator that I’m quickly running out of original openings. So it’s been awhile, mostly because there’s nothing to talk about most of the time. Everything has been more or less the exact same since like cycle 3, so not much to talk about side effect/symptom-wise. I did, however, receive scans last week and had an interesting talk with my oncologist yesterday. So my most recent set of scans came back quite well, continuing to see either no change or shrinkage in all my tumors. I officially lost one of my ass tumors, sort of bittersweet:'(. But it’s ok I still have one for now. My heart also looks to be lump free, which I guess is neat but I thought we had that taken care of months ago. Anyways, I’ve reached sort of a crossroads here in the chemo game. This is my 8th cycle, and typically you won’t go beyond 10 cycles in a row without a break. The issue is that my kidney function is still fine and I’ve been managing the side effects well throughout, and since it’s been so successful it seems like a weird choice to stop. So I’ve begun meeting with a radiologist about ways to start getting rid of these tumors once and for all. For the most part, it seems the smaller ones in my torso can be radiated and the larger ones on my legs and arm can be removed with surgery (that’s right ladiez, more scars. I’m gonna be so dayum sexy. Like a handsome Frankentstein’s monster minus the neck bolts hopefully). Anyways what this means is that we’re finally working on developing an endgame, so when people ask “how many more cycles are you gonna do?” My answer no longer has to be (pardon my language, but it is always my answer) “the fuck if I know man.” I’ll probably still use that as my answer cause I like it and radiology is a long story, but that’s not the point. So my understanding is that I’m going to continue chemo for at least one to two more cycles, and then my next set of scans will be more oriented towards what the radiologists wants to see and we’ll make moves from there. Whether or not I continue chemo while doing surgery/radiation is still in the air, however I think it’s more likely that I won’t be since I’ll be at or near that 10 cycle limit anyways. So, the point of all of this, is that I’m not a doctor and have absolutely no idea what the hell I’m talking about so if you have any questions then I’m just not the guy to ask. Unless the questions are about economics or Futurama trivia, then I could help. Now, to finish on a more serious note, I have greatly appreciated all the support I’ve received from friends, family, etc. throughout this process, however I would like to address the “How are you?” texts. I understand I don’t blog as often as I could, but that’s only because I have nothing to write about and I would rather not remind myself I have cancer everyday by having to constantly be writing about it. So while I do appreciate people’s inquiries as to how I’m doing, I’m afraid that there is just no good answer to that question. I have been very positive and I really am doing quite well, but I do not wish to talk about my cancer all the time, or any of the time for that matter. Outside of the 30 minutes I spend on these blogs once a month. So I would like to apologize to anyone who has texted me asking how I’m doing and not gotten a response, I just don’t always want to address it, nothing personal. I mean, feel free to say hi and stuff, I still love hearing from everyone, just maybe not so much about cancer, ya know? And obviously I don’t want anyone feeling apologetic about having asked me how I’m doing, it’s my fault for not having said anything sooner. With that being said, hope everyone has a happy holiday season! Be sure to drink plenty of whiskey and egg nog! It’s delicious…or so I’ve been told…? Eh, no one’s gonna believe that. I like whiskey and egg nog. Sue me.

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